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Hosanna’s page

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Best puppy in show ECSSC


Has qualified for Crufts 2004.


Has worked her first Novice open obedience class and was placed 4th.



Sanna at 7 months 4







36 Firsts at Ch & Open shows

9 Placings in group

7 Best of breed

1 Reserve best of breed

3rd in Adult group


3 Best puppy in Group

16 Best puppy in breed


Junior Warrant

Stud book No.


End of a wonderful 6months as a Puppy. 


3Sanna at 13 months



She was not shown during the Summer of 2003 as she was awaiting her adult coat.

She came out on 16th November '03 at Eastern Counties Post Graduate Bitch -1st place.

Whitstable Canine Society Open Show on December 7th '03 - Best of Breed.

Wood Green Canine Association 27th December '03 - Best of Breed and 3rd in Group.

English Shetland Sheepdog Club 7th February '04 - 1st Post Graduate Bitch

Isle of Ely Open Show 28th February 2004

Best of  Breed and 4th in Group

Romford & District Open Show 13th March 2004


Crufts 2004

5th & 1st

Judge: Christine Aaron (Shelridge)

Normidca C.A. Open Show 3rd April 2004

Best of Breed & 2nd in the Group

Judge: Mrs. Gillespie

South west Essex Society Open Show 17th April 2004

Best of Breed

Judge: Miss Hodbson

Chertsey Society Open Show 18th April 2004 (Crufts qualifying show).

Best of Breed

Judge: Ken Webb

W.E.L.K.S. Championship Show 25th April  2004

1st (qualified Crufts)

Judge: M. Bathurst.

Eastern Counties Shetland Sheepdog Club Open Show August 2004

1st Limit Bitch

Judge: Mrs. Guskra

Southern Counties Championship Show June 2005

5th in limit Bitch

South West Essex Canine Association 11th June 2005

Best of Breed  - Judge Mrs.F. Salmon (Ingadel)

Best in Pastoral group - Judge Mrs. D. Mcdade (Lyndale).

Hosanna now has her Show certificate of Merit!







                Sanna age 2 years


Hosanna now aged three years.

Hoping she will come into season soon and we hope to have puppies this year, all being well.
















My first 6 months of showing - didn't I do well?

Seamus Trophy (obedience) 10 months.

I am now 3 years old and back in coat.  I have 3 BOB's so far this year, this one is Romford and District, where Alaska, my Blue Merle kennel mate went BPIB as well.
  My thanks to all the judges who have thought so highly of Hosanna and have given her Best of Breed and Group wins - Thank you very Much!


Sanna and babies first litter

Sanna first litter just born

It's hard work being a mum!

Sanna first litter 1 week

Sanna girl pup 3 weeks Amber (Ambrosia)

Sanna boy pup 4 weeks Roly







Amber (Ambrosia) at 8 weeks

Roly (Dreamroll) at 8 weeks





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